Thursday, July 8, 2010

We have a kid!

Officially, as of yesterday, P-daddy and I have a foster placement.  We knew this was coming, and since the child is Pooh, he's already been in the house for over a week, but it feels so much more official now!  We got to meet his CPS worker, our own FYS from our agency, and sign all the papers.  I have a WIC appointment on Tuesday to get that going as well.

And since I'm heading off to a conference tomorrow (for less than 48 hours) P-daddy will have some quality time with him while I'm gone.  But that also means that I should post my lessons learned now or they won't get done until later in the weekend.

Lesson #1:  Toddlers (at least this one) are chick magnets.  Since I'm not in the market for a chick, this does not really affect me, but it's funny how much friendlier everyone is - from the check-in girls at the gym to the checkout girls at the grocery store to pretty much anyone who sees this kid.

Lesson #2:  Haircuts are traumatic.  Since Pooh has a myriad of fears all related to strange noises (whoopie cushions, birthday kazoos, etc) it's no surprise that the buzzing of the trimmer right around his head was somewhat traumatic for him.  But he sure looks cute with it shorter!

Lesson #3:  Good intentions don't make for good nutrition.  P-daddy and I eat pretty healthy.  We don't have much in the house in the way of processed food and snack crackers.  Whole grains, home-cooked beans, lots of fruit and veggies.  And what does Pooh eat?  Bananas, bread, and cheese.  "No" he says emphatically to the healthy stuff we offer.  Sometimes when we can get a taste of some stuff into him, he'll accept it and keep going, but the boy has strong opinions, and is unwilling to even taste a lot of things.  Any advice?