Monday, July 26, 2010

and my newest lesson regarding cloth diapering...

is that one should always put pants on over velcro fastened pocket diapers when worn by inquisitive almost-two-year-olds.  Otherwise, one might check on said toddler later only to find him sitting naked, on a sheet that he has soaked, having thrown said diaper out of his crib.  Thankfully Hopefully, there was will be no poop for him to play with!

I was so excited this evening to try out some of the diapers in my new stash!  We had been using disposables for the last 2 days so that we didn't have a stinky laundry area when our agency worker came today, so I hadn't gotten to try a single one previously.  As soon as she left, I popped one of the fitteds on Pooh, stuck a new-to-us cover over it, and let him run around.  Less than 5 minutes later, the cover came off (new velcro needed), so I pulled out one of the covers we already had, and happily agreed when he asked to watch Elmo.  One soaked comforter later, I changed him into one of the bum genius pockets, gave him a bottle of milk, and popped him into his crib for beddy-bye.

Yep, bye-bye bedding!  When P-daddy came home about 15 minutes later with yummy BBQ, Pooh knew it and kept calling him, so P-daddy went in to say goodnight.  He came right back out, doubled over in laughter.   Thus we learned our newest lesson regarding covering velcro tabs with pants or some such thing.  We'll see in the morning (1) whether he's still wearing the diaper, and (2) whether he has leaked through all the layers.