Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why I love

More cloth diapers, at awesome prices!

Thanks to a wonderful local cloth diapering mom who is updating her stash and getting rid of lots of cloth diapers, I got an awesome deal today!  She advertised the lot on craigslist as 19 pieces, but she counted the inserts as part of the pocket diapers, and then she threw in 2 extra bumgenius pockets that had stains and needed to be sunned.  So I actually got 25 pieces for $25!  Here's what that included:

- 6 bumgenius one-size pocket diapers
- 2 bumgenius one-size pocket diapers (need to be sunned)
- 2 happy heinys pocket diapers
- 2 other pocket diapers that I'm unsure of the name of
- 1 diaper cover
- 5 doublers/inserts for pocket diapers
- 7 fitted cloth diapers

I'm super excited about these, as I think this gives us a pretty full stash!  Along with what we had before, this gives us the following:
12 pocket diapers
7 doublers/inserts
35-40 pre-folds (not sure exactly how many)
2 diaper pins
2 snappis
7 fitted diapers
9 diaper covers (4 that I bought new, 1 from today, and 4 'plastic pants' that came with the pre-folds)

I'm not convinced that the fitteds will fit Pooh - I think they are smaller than he is.  But I'm washing the lot tonight (after the cloth from the last 2 days finishes - the smell in our non-ventilated laundry room was becoming unbearable), and I'll try them tomorrow.  If they don't work, then my sister D will get them for her youngest, who just celebrated her first birthday.

Another reason I'm excited about these is that I'm hoping they'll help P-daddy feel more comfortable with cloth diapering.  He likes the idea, but he seems to think that putting on the pre-folds, pinning or snappi-ing, and then covering, is just possibly more trouble than it's worth.  He's all about simplicity, and cloth diapering so far is simply not fitting into that philosophy.  But I'm planning to use the pre-folds we already have to stuff the pocket diapers we just got, and then they should be just as easy for P-daddy as a disposable would be! 

One last reason for excitement about these is that we are getting sick of blow-outs with disposables.  We have yet to let Pooh out of the house in a cloth diaper, mostly (for me at least) because I was dreading the thought of changing one when we are out.  So we have been using disposables for the last couple days when we've been out of the house, and we've had several blow-outs:-(  Last night, I went out after work with a few friends, and P-daddy got Pooh ready for bed, so he just put a disposable on him.  We awoke to crying at 2am; Pooh had completely reached the absorbency limit of the disposable he had on - everything was soaked, and the beads in the diaper were literally spilling out (not a problem for Pooh, cause he loves playing with them!).  With the new stash, I'm hoping that we feel comfortable enough to start using cloth in public.

Yay for recycling, for craigslist, and for clothdiapering mommies who clean out their stashes and don't charge "new" prices!

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