Thursday, July 22, 2010

lessons in cloth diapering

So we've been cloth diapering for a week or so now, and in my mind (though perhaps not in P-daddy's) I'm committed to trying this for 2 months.  Really, in my mind it's that I'll try it until October 1, and if I'm not finding it's working at that time, I'll go back to disposables.  But so far, I kind of like it!  I've now received all 4 of the covers that I ordered (I'll be posting more reviews in the next few days), and I'm starting to learn a few things along the way that are making this experiment more user-friendly:

1) Get some snappis!  I didn't have these for the first few days, so I was using pins, and the snappis are way easier.  Also, to this point, P-daddy had refused to put a cloth diaper on Pooh - he'll take one off, but then put a disposable on.  I'm hoping that the snappis will help convince him to at least try it.  Update:  so far, this hope has not been realized:-( But I'm hoping the new stash will increase his comfort level even more.

2) Use a doubler at night!  Last night was the first night we did this, and when Pooh got up this morning, the back of his diaper was not even wet (it's typically wet front to back and side to side.  We only have 2 doublers, but I'll definitely be using them in his nighttime diapers (or trying other kinds of things to absorb more than just the cloth diaper does alone).  Update:  second day to try this was not quite as successful - still wet from end to end and side to side.  But  I can only imagine how bad it would have been without the doubler in it!

3) Change on a schedule.  Changing Pooh every time he is wet is impossible - he seriously pees at least every half hour.  But I've been trying to make sure that he gets changed every 1.5-2 hours, or when he poops, and the wetness isn't nearly as bad as what it was before.  I think we were changing him pretty often, but not necessarily on a regular schedule, and for some reason, this is working pretty well.  Update:  Pooh is going to be mostly in disposables this weekend, as our agency worker is coming on Monday and we want the laundry room to smell clean and fresh and not like urine and feces.  Today, I noticed that we are changing disposables every hour to 1.5 hours.  The boy drinks a LOT of water, lemme tell you!  But knowing this, setting a 1.5 hour limit on a cloth diaper does not seem unreasonable at all.

4) Find a diaper cover that fits (you'll read more about this in the reviews to come!).

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