Saturday, July 17, 2010

Diaper cover reviews: Tiny tush

A few days ago, I ordered this Tiny Tush diaper cover in a size large, color rose, with snaps.  We put it on him this morning, and so far, it's working fine.  As of 3:30pm, no leaks, even through a 2-hour nap, and he seems comfortable and happy in it.  One thing I don't love is that it sags a lot in the bottom.  Take a look:
I realize that this sagging may be a result of (1) my lack of expertise in cloth diapering, and (2) the use of the size large rather than medium, but it just seems like the rise is a little too long for our little shortie.  All in all, the diaper cover just doesn't look very trim, and would seem too big if it weren't for the front fastenings, which look as if they are too tight, but which in reality are a nice fit:
As you can see in the pic, the trim is rolling as if the snaps are pulled way too tight, but I think the diaper and cover would slide right off his little hiney if I loosened the snaps. 

We haven't gone out in public yet today, so we've been letting him run around in just the diaper and cover, so I can't comment on how it looks under clothes.  Right now, though, regardless of the sagging and rolling, I'm liking this cover - it's got gussets in the legs that give a nice tight (but not too tight) fit, and as I previously stated, no obvious leaking yet.  This is, of course, a first-impression review, which I'll update once I've had a little more experience with it!

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