Wednesday, June 16, 2010

baby crib thankfulness

So a while back, we got this crib on freecycle - it's in decent shape, and it converts from crib to toddler bed to queen-size headboard. Unfortunately, it was missing some hardware:-( Though it has everything it needs for the toddler bed version, it's missing some vital pieces for the drop-down side, which means that it's not usable as a crib.  You can see it here, with the side simply leaning against it (and a super-cute blanket hanging on the back, compliments of my niece B3).

It's an older version, not sold in stores anymore, and the manufacturer is not within the US. Nevertheless, we can order the parts from them for a fairly reasonable price. We've been hesitant to do that, though. I hate to order from a company that I know nothing about, and that does not have online ordering access - we have to send the info about the crib, a copy of all our email exchanges, and a money order to them, then they'll send us the parts and manual. Since the tag with the model number is partially torn off, it's not even clear they will know what model to send parts for, and I guess I have just sort of viewed the whole thing as a recipe for disaster.

Since our agency does not allow foster children to sleep in portable cribs for more than a week or two, using the pack-n-play for an extended period is also not possible. So I've been trolling on CraigsList and - yay! - got lucky last night. A local woman with an in-home daycare was updating some things, and recycling her old stuff to homes that need them - she was very specific about not wanting re-sellers. I emailed her, explained our imminent foster parent status, and she was happy to give us the crib, which she says includes all hardware and is in excellent condition! I get to pick it up this morning - I want to rush right home and construct it, but I will restrain myself, go to work, meet and have dinner with some of my practicum students, and then finally get home, probably too late to put it together:-( But once I do that, I'll be freecycling the first crib, and hoping to bless someone with an older toddler in need of a bed.

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