Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stocking up...

One thing we've started doing is stocking up on things that we know we'll need as we start our foster care journey. We've started collecting clothes, thanks mostly to my awesome sisters Beth and Darrell, and we've started buying diapers. So far, CVS has been the place for this - we got a couple packs of Huggies at about $3.99 each a few weeks ago ($8.99 - $3 Q, plus $2 ECB back), which we thought was a pretty great deal. But then this week I got Huggies for only $1.49 a pack! Only one pack, but they'd been clearanced to $4.49 and I happened to have ONE (and only one) $3 Q left, so I used it, and got them super cheap. I also got the following items, mostly on clearance:

a 3-pack of wipes for $1.72
a bottle of baby powder ($0.75)
2 packs of q-tips ($0.99 each)
a bottle of shampoo (free with CVS Q)
2 packs of candy/gum ($0.33 after CVS Q)

All told, I spent $0.00 out of pocket (OOP) since I had some ECB's to use up. I didn't get any ECB's back, but I thought since we needed everything, it was worth getting all of it anyway. Besides, I did a survey for CVS and got a $5 ECB for it, so I'm still ahead of the game ;-)

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