Monday, August 2, 2010

New lessons being learned...

but by Pooh, not by us:

(1)  toilet paper goes in the toilet.  he demonstrated this knowledge by tossing a new roll of paper in there the other day when I neglected to put the lid down.  My lesson:  always attach the roll to the paper roll holder.  it won't stop him, but it'll take a lot longer for the entire roll to end up in the toilet.  and let's be honest - it'll be on the floor first, so it may never make it to the toilet!

(2) velcro is fun.  Pooh demonstrates this knowledge by opening any and all velcro fastenings.  it started with his shoes, which are sandals with velcro straps.  then he moved on to his cloth diapers - as soon as i fasten them, he unfastens.  i'm learning to put a cover or a pair of shorts on him really really quickly.  but now he's discovered that his disposables also have velcro fastenings - Pdaddy put him down for bed last night, and this morning we awoke to him, naked, standing in a little puddle.  i think we need to buy more shorts...

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